Sunday, 18 December 2011

owlet phone-warmer

this owlet has been lying around on an shelf for more than a year, when i wanted to make it into a card-decoration. it was long hoping to get a purpose in life. now here it is: join the red sock on a life-mission: keep the phone warm!

christmas dahlia?

 at first it seemed to me slightly strange to have christmas-tree decorations in form of a flower that cannot withstand frost... but given the current weather, this might be just the right christmas for dahlias!

winter daisy

 this daisy makes me think of all those hand-crocheted table cloths which i am sure all of your (my east-european friends) mothers still keep safe in a corner of their house. now i understand how much work that posed to the ones who made them....

sparks of yarn

...little sparks of joy, all by tying many many knots into a looong yarn...

morning star above the christmas tree

this little start is my first creation from the pretty christmas-decorations booklet i got from ralu... thanks!